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Arriving to Puebla City

Whether you arrive at Hermanos Serdan International Airport in Puebla or Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, you will find there are regular public buses which depart from the airport to Puebla City. However, we are pleased to offer a bookable bus service exclusively for LHCP2019 participants at the following conditions.

The deadline for booking LHCP2019 buses between Mexico┬┤s City airport and Puebla City is Thursday 9 May 2019.

fee & payments

Registration Fees

The Standard early Fee is 450 CHF for early registration and 510 CHF for late registration after 15 March 2019. There is a special reduced rate of 220 CHF for Ph.D. students, which increases to 300 CHF after 15 March 2019. There is also a special rate for members of the Mexican Physical Society of 290 CHF, which increases to 310 CHF after 15 March 2019. These fees include all breaks, lunches, the welcome drink, and the conference banquet.

DEADLINE FOR EARLY FEE: must be registered and paid before 15 March 2019.